Where to Stay

There are many ways to experience the magic that is Fire Island. Whether you come for the weekend or decide to get a summer share, we’ve got some basic pointers for you.

Staying for a few nights, the weekend, or longer

While there are no big resort hotels in the Pines or Cherry Grove, you still have a few solid options to sleep on the island.

In the Pines, you have a few wonderful options:

  • Sharegurl runs the Pines Club as well as the Hotel by Sharegurl, both of which are conveniently located near the harbor. Sharegurl also rents out rooms in various houses throughout the Pines – check out their website!
  • The Madison is another wonderful option – it’s a large home that has been converted into a hotel, and it’s really well situated close to the harbor.
  • Reflections – quite possibly the most famous house in the Pines! Overlooking the Bay, this is a huge home that has a ton of character.
  • Cedar Dunes – Beautifully renovated home with rooms for rent throughout the season.
  • 145 Ocean – Full luxury beachfront home available for weekly and monthly rentals.

In Cherry Grove, you have a few more options, including:

  • The Belvedere Hotel – quite possibly the most impressive building on the island. Formerly a mansion that has been converted into a hotel, it sits on the Great South Bay with stunning views across the water.
  • Big Dick’s Halfway Inn – a cute house that rents individual rooms for short stays.
  • Grove Hotel, attached to the Ice Palace. It’s very new and the rooms are comfortable.
  • Samsara Cherry Grove Vacation House – Wonderful home with weekly and weekend rentals, as well as quarter and half shares.

Getting a Share for the Summer

The quintessential way to experience Fire Island is to get a share, which basically means renting a house for the summer season. Usually houses are rented out for a quarter-share (you get one week a month for the summer), a half-share (you get two weeks a month for the summer), or a full-share (you get the whole house for the whole summer). Renting a whole house for a share can be easily done using one of the many real estate agents on the island, while if you only have a few people interested in going in on a share with you, there are events in the fall and winter to help fill up rooms in a share house with new friends, like the Share-a-Thon held at the Gay Center in the West Village.

If you don’t have luck using one of the options above, join the group Boys of Fire Island on Facebook. Besides providing a lot of information about the goings-on on the island, you can connect with friends who may have space in their share-house or are interested in swapping or selling their weekends.

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