By now, you should be well-aware that doing anything fun this summer will just be a bit different than in the past. Some of the changes that you should consider for your trip out to beach!


The LIRR will get you from the city out to Fire Island, and the taxis/buses are still running from the train station to the ferry. A lot of travelers are choosing to take an Uber/Lyft this season. Ferries are still running, and as of July, are pretty close to their regular summer schedule.

Services on the Island

As of July, the retail stores are open, the barbershop is open too! Restaurants are still only allowed to do outdoor dining, and the bars are doing take-away drinks or outdoor table service on a first-come first served basis. Will the bars and nightclubs be back this summer? Only time will tell…

Social Activities

With social distancing still in place, and masks required in all public places, including at the beach, the regular pool parties, bar and club events, and beach gatherings have all stopped this season. The police have been monitoring for illegal gatherings, and after the various large events that were held over the July 4th weekend, will be enforcing the law to a larger degree.

To get a better sense of what the island will be like for the rest of the summer, take a read through our most recent blog post, and have a look at FIPPOA’s response to the July 4th events.

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