Storm Damage on the island…

Our friends over at FIPPOA sent a quick update yesterday – getting power back on for everyone across NY and the Tri-State area has been slow-going, but hopefully the power will be on for everyone soon! Damage in the Pines was limited to some fallen trees and down power lines, but thankfully it looks like the beach survived another storm.

From FIPPOA (Jay Pagano) –

“We are aware of the power outages in the Pines, and we have been in contact with PSEG. PSEG currently has a crew working in Fire Island, and the crew expects to get to the Pines by tomorrow morning. PSEG’s emergency line was busy all day yesterday. As a result, PSEG may not be aware of the scope of residential power outages in the Pines. Repair crews are deployed based on outages in the area, so it’s important to report your outage. We are competing with damaged neighborhoods on the mainland for repair resources.
We urge you to please call, text and/or email PSEG. 

To report an outage:

  • Call 1-800-490-0075
  • Download the PSEG mobile app
  • Text OUT to PSEGLI (773454)
  • Go to

In the meantime, we started to clear the walks of fallen trees, starting on Sail, where four trees are down. It may take us a few days to clear all of the trees, so please be patient. Stay safe, and we will keep you posted on progress.”

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