Summer 2020: What it is and what it is not

We asked one of our favorite Boys of Fire Island, James Stevko, to give his impression of what Fire Island is like this summer, compared to summers past…Keep on reading below!


When BoFI considered a post on this summer’s most burning question on Friday, the tone of the answer did a full 180 between then and the Fourth of July.

The holiday came and went with no shortage of photographic evidence leading to an eruption of comments eclipsing the size of a Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks display.

We’ve all seen the aftermath so there’s no need for further coverage. What’s important to note is that Cuomo and Suffolk County have stepped in after this weekend’s events and FIPPOA has promised increased enforcement of distancing efforts. If everything goes as planned, we’ll all be able to continue our Fire Island summers as best we can.

So, back to the question prospective BoFI’s are asking, “what IS it like out there this summer?”

This summer IS different. We miss our daily, weekly, and monthly parties. Nothing will change that this year, save for a magical vaccine.

But all is not lost! The people in charge have done a spectacular job getting things up and running to the best of their abilities since opening in May.

Breakfast at the Canteen? Open for business!

What about TEA? It’s here and reimagined!

Live drag shows? No longer just a gay fantasy!

Of course, these are only made possible right now by cutting capacity, mask requirements, and a system of reservations or first come first serve tables. This requires some planning on your end. We’re getting into the thick of the summer and the requests for last minute housing on BoFI show no signs of stopping, so keeping up on the always changing rules and regulations on BoFI is crucial

The magic of “Home, sweet, home”

The action this summer is your house’s quarantine bubble. Maybe you’ll arrange to meet with a friend or stop by for a distanced “helIo” at the owner’s discretion, but this is largely the year of your house’s “Getting to Know You” number. Hopefully you’ve discussed with your house various pandemic precautions to keep each other safe beforehand, which is highly recommended. Bringing this up before the trip really ensures there is no confusion once you step off the ferry.

For you and your housemates this opens a world of possibilities! Assuming your house may have a bossy bottom or “cruise director” there will be no shortage of fun in the works: from Top Chef cooking challenges, rounds of trivia, board games and even a caftan and wig themed party.

Ok, the caftans and wigs for this crew is nothing new…

BUT the point is, as you’ve already discovered in your pandemic practice, the virus has made you slow down and take a close look at the world around you.

With the recent crack down on the Fourth of July chaos and too many allusions to the gay community’s AIDS crisis, it’s crucial that we help maintain the community that has been there for us for decades; that includes protecting the owners and workers, who are doing their best to make sure summer continues SAFELY.

We aren’t Florida. We don’t want to be Florida! Let’s not be the face of the news again for the wrong reasons.

As Carrie Bradshaw covers the Phase 3 opening of NYC, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This isn’t Phase Me just yet.

As NYC prepared for phase 3, it occurred to me, maybe it was time I took on phase me.

Crowd around for Showtune Sunday’s on Zoom with Bubbles D’Boob , enjoy working from home by the pool and think twice before wandering through a random gatehouse after twilight looking for the usual fun. This isn’t the year BoFI’s are welcoming strangers up their boardwalks…

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